CMI File Number Request

This is to advise you that the initials "CMI" are used by more than one collection service. CMI Credit Mediators Inc. is a commercial agency dealing with business to business collections. If you are a consumer with a bill owed to a cable company or electric company or if you see "CMI" on your personal credit report, we are probably not the "CMI" that you need to contact. To avoid confusion and to make sure that you are contacting the correct "CMI", please verify the complete name, address and phone number below before submitting the request form.

CMI Credit Mediators Inc.
PO Box 456
Upper Darby, PA 19082

To receive your account number, please complete the information on the request form below. Your account representative will call or email the CMI file number to you. Please call 610-352-5151 if you wish to contact CMI Credit Mediators Inc. directly.